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Multi-Unit Management, Maintenance, Make-Readys, etc

Alex has maintained and managed multi-unit rental property for over 8 years. Let us get them leased for you BEFORE finishing the remodel or make ready work.


TV Mount Installation

Toilets Installation and Repair


Laminate, Wood, Linoleum, Tile, Carpet, etc


Landscape Design

Ron Win of Winnscapes Landscape Designs works with us! His rates are very fair -starting at only $50 for an hour consultation.

Fences and Decks

Wood, Engineered, Exotics, Metal, etc


Patch, Prep, Interior, Exterior, Wood Deck/Fence Staining, Textures, etc… even Murals by professional artists

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

From the floor up, from the inside out, we do it all.


Roofing Replacement and Repair

Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair


We do everything from artistic stone mosaics to white 6 x 6in ceramic tile.



Furniture Assembly

If there was a certification for assembling furniture and installing shelving, we’d have it.

Emergency Handy Man Service

For example (but not limited to): Drain Clearing, Roof Patching, Snake Removal, Water Leaks, etc
$150.00/First 2 hours.
  • This Emergency Handy Man¬†Service includes one professional with tools and up to $20.00 worth of supplies. If the costs of supplies exceed $20.00, you pay the difference.
  • Emergency one man jobs (typically same day) must be paid for with credit card before our professional comes out.
  • If the drive to the emergency site is over 20 minutes away from our headquarters in zip code 78705, it may cost¬†more.

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